Our Rooms

Jack The Ripper

halapid 6, Petah Tikva
The Victorian era reached its highest peak in the 1880s, characterized by maintaining modesty and sexual preservation.a Taking all...

The vikings

halapid 6, Petah Tikva
The Vikings were known as bandits who used to raid the shores of Europe. They were headed by the...

How it works

What is an escape room?

The room is locked. You enter the room with nothing, without any assistance and use the objects within to help you make your way out.

The clock is ticking...

Do you think you can escape from the room in 60 minutes? Think ‘outside the box’ and use your creativity.

Experience the story

The rooms are designed to deliver the most authentic experience possible. The explicit attention to the setting, down to the finest detail, creates an exciting atmosphere.

Who can play

  • Friends & Family
  • Team & Co-Workers
  • Game Lovers
  • Tourists