By placing an order with us for ‘Jack the Ripper’ or the ’Vikings’ escape room, you agree to the following terms and conditions:

The person placing the order must be aware that he/she needs to be a minimum of 18 years old.

Entrance to the escape rooms is permitted for ages 16 and above. All players under 16 years must be accompanied by a participating adult.

The person placing the order should be aware that ‘Jack the Ripper’ and the ‘Vikings’ escape rooms have narrow passage ways and are therefore not suitable for disabled people in wheelchairs or the physically disabled. The rooms are also not suitable for pregnant women, or people who suffer from claustrophobia or epilepsy.

To enter ‘Jack the Ripper’ or the ‘Vikings’ escape room the players must wear closed, comfortable shoes.

You should be punctual and arrive exactly on time. Not earlier! Unless otherwise stated by the game master.
We will do our best to ensure that the game starts at the specified time. However if there is a delay caused by the game preceding yours, time will not be deducted from your game.

If you do not arrive on time for the game, the duration of your game may be shortened accordingly, although we will do our utmost to avoid that happening.
All personal belongings have to be left in storage, before entering the escape room. It is forbidden to enter the room with food or drinks, flashlights, cell phones or any other device.

It is mandatory to obey the game master’s instructions.

The complex is filmed by security cameras 24/7. Management is entitled to make use of any footage from the cameras, especially in cases of suspected theft and/or suspicion that an offense was committed against the law or against the rules of the place.

Do not exert any physical force on any item and/or product during the game! After an initial warning, the game master is entitled to terminate the game immediately and there will be no refund.
Entry under the influence of drugs and/or alcohol is strictly prohibited.
Taking photos and/or videos is not permitted in our rooms.

Do not remove any objects from the room. The person placing the order should be aware that in the event of an object being taken from the room, or not returned to its place, his/her credit card will be charged the full amount of the object accordingly.

In the event that damage is caused intentionally or as a result of physical force or violence, management may demand monetary compensation for damages and/or take legal action.
In case of violation of any of the rules listed above in general and in cases of inappropriate behavior in particular, the game master may stop the game immediately. Your down payment will not be refunded and you will be charged the full price of a game.

Prices published on the website:
The Company may update prices from time to time, at its sole discretion.
The actual price is the price advertised on the website at the time of the game itself.

Payments and Cancellation Policy:
When placing an order you will be asked to pay a down payment of NIS 100.
The balance of the payment will be paid in cash or by credit card at the time of the game.
In the event of any change or cancellation of an order up to 24 hours before the time scheduled for the game to begin – the down payment will be refunded in full.
In the case of any change or cancellation of an order, less than 24 hours before the time scheduled for the game to begin – the down payment will not be refunded.

The Company undertakes that the personal information, gathered at the time the order was placed, will not be transferred to a third party, except for the purpose of characterizing potential customers by a marketing and advertising company on the Company’s behalf or to send a single message regarding the opening of a new escape room in the complex.

It is the responsibility of the person, who placed the order, to transfer these rules of participation in the escape rooms to all the members of the group participating in the game.